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What’s behind the surge in sow mortality?

Pig Health Today speaks to six experts about the causes of increasing sow mortality and how this can be addressed on farm.

22 January 2020, at 9:44am
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Sow mortality rates in the US have increased dramatically in recent years and now average about 15 percent.

While pelvic prolapses and lameness are among the most visible conditions associated with sow mortality, 39 percent of sow deaths are categorised as unknown.

Pig Health Today talked with six experts about the alarming trend and, most important, what should be done to address the problem.

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Mycotoxins in swine feed

Pigs are considered highly susceptible to mycotoxin contamination, with young animals and female breeders being the most sensitive groups. Mycotoxin can cause clinical symptoms or subclinical decreasing animal performance leading to great economic losses.

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