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Looking back on 2019: 10 management tips for swine herd success

Did these 10 tips help you with managing your pig herd this year?

28 December 2019, at 9:23am

This year Biomin provided their rundown of top tips for successfully managing pig herds. In short, achieving optimal results in swine production involves close management of all animals, but piglets and sows in particular; giving piglets the best possible start in life will positively affect the future performance of the herd; and nutritional supplements such as PFAs and acidifiers incorporated into sow diets promote newborn piglet health and sow performance during farrowing and lactation.

The top 10 tips

  1. Measure piglet birth weight
  2. Record farrowing times
  3. Monitor colostrum intake
  4. Add nutritional supplements early in life
  5. Support early immune system development
  6. Bridge the immunity gap
  7. Use phytogenic feed additives in sow diets to boost milk production
  8. Use PFAs to improve sow health
  9. Use acidifiers to promote feed intake
  10. Ensure water supply is of adequate quality and quantity

Read the full article, Guarantee swine herd success by following these 10 management tips.

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