Malaysian swine breeders given two months to improve biosecurity

Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) reports that swine breeders have been given two months to improve biosecurity on their farms to prevent the spread of swine fever.

18 July 2019, at 11:59am

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Sim Tze Tzin announced that the Department of Veterinary Services would begin enforcement activities in September to ensure that all swine farmers make the desired improvements to biosecurity at their facilities.

The two-month deadline has been established to provide producers with enough time to start implementing new biosecurity measures. Among other key steps, producers are required to ensure farm perimeter fences are in good condition; ensure workers are wearing clean, disinfected clothing when entering the farm facilities; and that foot dipping stations are being used effectively. Producers and staff are encouraged to avoid visiting other swine farms and regions that have confirmed cases of the disease. All lorries and transportation are to be disinfected upon entry to facilities.

The feeding of food waste to swine is now also prohibited, with an emphasis on keeping all pork products away from their pigs.