Is your farm ready for a foreign animal disease?

Workshops to help pork producers prepare via the Secure Pork Supply plan will be available starting 29 July, hosted by Iowa Pork Industry Center.

22 July 2019, at 9:42am

Is your farm ready for a foreign animal disease? What can you do to prepare yourself and your farms? Planning ahead for an outbreak may reduce some of the stress for you and your employees while preparing the appropriate actions for your operation. Workshops to help pork producers prepare via the Secure Pork Supply plan will be available starting 29 July, hosted by Iowa Pork Industry Center in collaboration with Iowa Pork Producers Association and the Center for Food Security and Public Health.

In the event of an African swine fever (ASF), foot and mouth disease (FMD, or classical swine fever (CSF) outbreak in the United States, state and federal regulatory officials will temporarily restrict animal movement to slow or stop the spread of these foreign animal diseases. If your animals are located in a disease control area, you will need to meet certain criteria (for example, movement records and biosecurity measures in place) in order to request a permit to move your animals. Guidance for requesting movement permits can be found in the SPS Plan.

Iowa State University swine extension wants to help producers understand what the state and federal response might include, how the resources in the SPS plan can help producers prepare and what you can implement now to protect your operation. By helping individual producers prepare, the industry as a whole is more prepared.

A variety of interactive workshops, webinars and individual assistance on enhanced biosecurity plans and site maps are available. Two workshops will be offered: FAD Prep 101 and FAD Prep 201. FAD Prep 101 will last two hours and will cover what to expect during a foreign animal disease outbreak and response, mass depopulation and disposal options and a brief introduction to the SPS Plan. FAD Prep 201 will last three hours and will explain the resources in the SPS Plan, how to write your personalised enhanced biosecurity plan, train caretakers in biosecurity, keep the required movement records and monitor for clinical signs consistent with an FAD outbreak. Individual or small group assistance with developing an SPS plan for your operation will also be available and can be scheduled upon request.

Workshops are scheduled for the following dates and cities in Iowa. FAD Prep 101 will be held from 10 am to noon, and FAD Prep 201 from 12:30-3:30 pm on all days. Please note that FAD Prep 101 is a prerequisite for FAD 201.

29 July, Le Mars
30 July, Independence
6 August, Garner
7 August, Washington
13 August, Marshalltown

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For more information about the workshops, visit the IPIC website's Secure Pork Supply section at For questions, to schedule a workshop, or request individual or group plan assistance, contact Amanda Chipman or your ISU extension swine specialist.

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