Raw pork seized from Chinese vessel off Cimei

by 5m Editor
14 January 2019, at 12:00am

Coast guard personnel during the weekend confiscated raw pork from a Chinese ship in the nation’s contiguous zone near Penghu County, officials said.

The oil supply vessel was detected in waters about 20 nautical miles (37km) southwest of the county’s Cimei Township and increased speed after a coast guard patrol broadcast several warnings, the Coast Guard Administration said in a news release.

Coast guard personnel intercepted and boarded the ship, finding 10kg of raw pork packed in its onboard refrigerator, Fleet Branch official Chan Wen-chung said by telephone, adding that the ship’s crew claimed the pork was for their own consumption.

The pork was transferred to Council of Agriculture (COA) officials for disposal, and the coast guard took the six crew members to Magong City for further questioning to determine whether they contravened the Act Governing Relations Between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, Chan added.

COA Deputy Minister Huang Chin-cheng said that samples of the pork would be tested for African swine fever, while the remainder would be destroyed.

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Source: Taipei Times