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Newly released VivoVitall research

by 5m Editor
19 November 2018, at 12:00am

For decades, most swine feeding programs have utilised a dietary acidifier in the initial diets post-weaning to help improve gastrointestinal functionality and animal performance.

DSM Nutritional Products has developed an ultra-pure form of benzoic acid called VevoVitall that, when used as a feed acidifier, more effectively supports beneficial intestinal microflora and enhances nutrient digestibility in weaned nursery pigs.

Over the past five years, DSM conducted 10 individual trials [1-2] involving over 4,000 pigs, under a wide range of university and commercial settings, to evaluate the performance impact that VevoVitall has on weaned pigs compared to rations that do not include an acidifier*.

Key Trial Takeaways

On weighted average**, VevoVitall delivered the following performance impacts on weaned pigs:

  • 6% improvement in average daily gain
  • 2.9% improvement in average daily feed intake
  • 2.4% improvement in feed conversion

“This research speaks to DSM’s long-standing commitment to bringing innovation to the swine industry,” said Jonathan Bergstrom, Ph.D., senior swine technical support manager. “VevoVitall is one of a number of swine products DSM offers, and is focused on post-weaning nursery performance. Other innovations within our swine product offerings include HiPhos, a leading industry phytase, and Hy-D, a vitamin D supplement, as well as our full portfolio of vitamins.”

*One trial did include an acid in the control diet. All other control diets were not acidified.
**Trial result averages weighted based on the number of pigs in each trial.


[1] Trials 1-5 - Nemechek, J. E. 2014. Effects of Pelleting and Dietary Fat and Fiber Levels on Pig Growth and Fat Quality
(Doctoral Dissertation). Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.

[2] Trials 6-10 - References available upon request.

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