Magapor ITM 2018: What is to come?

20 April 2018, at 12:00am

The 13th International Technical Meeting (ITM), hosted by Magapor, will take place in the auditorium of the World Trade Centre of Zaragoza, Spain.

The event will be opened by Javier Lamban, president of Aragon, on the 25 April 2018.

Since the first meeting, the congress has evolved enormously, with more that 400 attendees coming from 38 different countries this year – evidence of the huge interest of the Spanish and international community in the scientific content being presented.

For this, with the help of 18 world-wide prestigious speakers, ITM will showcase recent swine research and advances in order to fully understand the challenges this sector faces nowadays. Likewise, as usual, the Conferences foster discussion and debate aiming to bridge the gap between science, its implementation and application on-site. The following lecturers will present this year:

  • Darwin Reicks
  • Myun-Geol Pang
  • Kristine Foran
  • Mark Jones
  • Raffael Wesoly
  • Kara Stewart
  • Keith Erlandson
  • Eduardo Miotto
  • Vamiré Luiz Sens Junior
  • Fernando Bortolozzo
  • Pedro Ivo de Quadros
  • Manuel Toledo
  • Marc Yeste
  • Alfonso Bolarin
  • Xavi Barrera
  • Albert Vidal
  • Noelia Mendoza
  • Joaquín Miguel

Magapor gladly welcomes breeding companies and technical specialists interested in “Field experiences applicable to productivity improvement” which is the issue that ITM mainly focuses on during this edition.

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