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Lallemand Animal Nutrition joins Neovia’s “Farm of the Future“ network

21 March 2018, at 12:00am

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces it is joining the Neovia “Farm of the Future“ network as an “Innovative Company".

The label recognises Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s work in developing microbial-based solutions to improving animal environments. The selected innovative solution, LALFILM PRO*, is a protective biofilm for farm buildings that helps support the development of beneficial microflora — reducing the risk of contamination with undesirable bacteria.

A high level of hygiene and biosecurity can significantly improve production costs. LALFILM PRO is a mix of selected and concentrated Bacilli and lactic acid bacteria that establishes a positive and protective biofilm after chemical disinfection. The biofilm helps create a safer microbial environment before the entry of the animals and contributes to improved hygiene conditions.

Neovia’s “Farm of the Future” network aims to develop tomorrow’s tools and models of R&D in animal nutrition and health by generating and valuing new data as well as testing the value of smart farming solutions under farming conditions.

Launch of Neovia Farm of the Future Network © NEOVIA.

* LALFILM PRO is a new product, it is not registered in all markets. Contact your Lallemand representative for more information.

As reported by Lallemand

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