Atria Improves Productivity; Considers Centralising Pork Production

25 August 2017, at 6:00am

FINLAND - Atria has decided to launch a project to improve profitability in the production and increase productivity.

The project determines overlapping functions and the necessary restructuring of Atria's current operations at the Jyväskylä factory.

Negotiations with staff regarding the content of the adjustment measures are initiated immediately.

Atria estimates that centralization will achieve annual savings of approximately €1.2 million, which would be implemented from June 2018 onwards.

This would mean reducing some 25 man-years from Jyväskylä's factory.

In February 2014, Atria acquired Saarioinen's procurement, slaughtering and cutting operations for beef, pork and chicken.

The adjustment measures concern industrial operations at Atria’s production plant in Jyväskylä.