Tom Hogan to Take Over as IFA Pig Committee Chairman

13 December 2016, at 6:00am

IRELAND - Following the completion of his four-year term of office, Chairman of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee, Pat O’Flaherty, has congratulated Limerick farmer, Tom Hogan on his election as the new Chairman at a meeting of the Pigs Committee in Dublin.

Tom Hogan farms 400 sows in Anglesboro Co. Limerick, together with his son Niall. He is married to Maureen and has two daughters, Isabelle and Louise. Tom has already served four years on the Committee and has been a keen contributor to the Committee’s DNA Subgroup.

The new Chairman said: “I am honoured to have been selected to lead the Committee over the coming years. My focus has been, and will be, on the bottom line for pig farmers, feed and pig prices.

“I want to thank the outgoing Chairman Pat O’Flaherty for his work over the last four years, which has been a very difficult period for pig farmers”.

New members were elected to the Committee in the last month and today’s meeting focused on the end of the transitional arrangements under the Nitrates Regulations. Mr Hogan called on Ministers Coveney and Creed to actively engage with pig producers to find a workable solution to this issue.