Further Swine Dysentery Detected in Yorkshire

25 August 2016, at 12:00am

UK - Farmers have been warned to be vigilant and maintain high biosecurity standards after another case of Swine Dysentery was detected on a farm in Yorkshire.

The case was identified by clinical signs and subsequently confirmed by laboratory tests on Monday, August 22.

No details are being given of the location of the affected farm, except to members of the Significant Disease Charter.

It is the second case to be reported in Yorkshire in a few weeks. The disease was identified on a rearing unit in North Yorkshire on August 5.

There was also a case in April 2016 but prior to that there had been no new cases for 18 months.

AHDB Pork is advising producers to increase vigilance for the development of clinical signs of disease within their herd.

"It is important that a heightened level of biosecurity and monitoring for clinical signs are observed over the next few weeks," a spokesperson added.