EU Pig Prices: Price Increase Continues as Pigs in Demand

12 July 2016, at 6:00am

EU - In the past week, scarce supply has remained the decisive factor for how the European pig market has developed.

Except for the Dutch market, EU member countries’ market quotations have been showing a moderate continuation of the price increase, going up by about 3 cents.

Slaughter numbers are going down for seasonal reasons, with slaughter weights going down as well. Even if the summer fails to appear in many places, the temperatures are quite high in the South of Europe which makes daily growth go slower.

The Dutch quotation, having closed ranks with Germany over the past few weeks, remained unchanged recently. The gap is therefore getting wider between these two markets, amounting to a corrected 8.5 per cent.

In view of the scarce quantities on offer, the Dutch slaughter companies have difficulties getting their slaughter hooks working at full capacity.

Last week, the British pigs-for-slaughter quotation succeeded in going up, yet as a result of the considerably fallen British pound, went down noticeably in the version of prices corrected to the ISN standard.