EC Approves Avril Pôle Animal and Tönnies Merger

8 March 2016, at 6:00a.m.

EU - The European Commission has approved the creation of a joint venture between Avril Pôle Animal of France and Tönnies International Holding Gmbh of Germany.

APA has activities throughout the oil and protein sectors, including the slaughtering of pigs and the production, marketing and sale of pork products for human and animal consumption.

Tönnies is active in the purchasing and slaughtering of pigs and beef cattle, as well as the processing, packaging and sale of meat products.

The joint venture will process, package and sell at retail level fresh pork and beef products of French origin for human consumption.

The Commission concluded that the proposed transaction would raise no competition concerns, because the joint venture's market position in the European Economic Area (EEA) will be very limited.