China Continues to Drive EU Export Growth

25 November 2015, at 12:00am

EU - EU pork exports reached the second highest level on record in September, thanks to the continuing surge in shipments to China.

Overall volumes were 18 per cent higher than in September 2014, at 166,300 tonnes, a figure bettered only by last October. China alone took over 60,000 tonnes of EU pork, a fourth consecutive record and nearly 13,000 tonnes up on August’s figure. This represented 37 per cent of exports, nearly double China’s share a year before.

Excluding China, exports to all other markets were 8 per cent lower than in September 2014, emphasising the importance of Chinese demand at present.

Unlike most recent months, exports to Japan also increased, by 4 per cent year on year, but other leading Asian markets took less EU pork. With unit prices remaining lower than a year ago, the value of exports was only up 12 per cent on the year, at €368.8 million.

China was also the main driver of a 9 per cent annual increase in EU pig offal exports in September. Sales to China were up 28 per cent to a record 56,100 tonnes, partly offset by lower shipments to Hong Kong and the Philippines. With unit prices again slightly lower, the value of offal exports was 6 per cent up on September 2014 at €133.6 million.