Cambodia Reports PRRS Outbreak

18 September 2015, at 12:00am

CAMBODIA - Two new outbreaks of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) have been reported in Cambodia.

The outbreaks affected two village pig farms in Chi Kraeng and Soutr Nikom, both of which are located in Siem Reap.

In total, of the 33,680 pigs susceptible, 2661 cases were reported leading to 997 deaths.

From 20 to 22 August 2015, after having received a report from a provincial veterinarian on pig diseases spreading in his district, the National Veterinary Research Institute (NaVRI) team went to the two village farms to collect samples.

Through examination the pigs showed clinical signs with high fever (40-41oC), red spots on the skin and ear, constipation, difficultly in breathing and discharge from the nose. Pregnant sows also aborted.

Twenty-one (21) serum samples in pigs were collected to be submitted to NaVRI for testing. The tested samples were confirmed positive to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).