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How to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Asian Pig Production

9 April 2015, at 6:22pm

THAILAND - Alternatives to antibiotics in pig production were discussed at a seminar at VIV Asia 2015. Stuart Lumb reports for ThePigSite.

European countries, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, have been cutting antibiotic use for several years now, according to Dr Jason Shelton [pictured], Global Technology Director for Cargill Animal Nutrition, Provimi Singapore Pte. Ltd.

The large food chains such as McDonald’s are concerned about antibiotic resistance, he said, and are specifying that their suppliers of meat and eggs cut out the use of in feed antibiotics.

Reducing antibiotic use in Asia is not easy as the climate is considerably different from that in Europe.

Dr Shelton suggested ensuring diets are well balanced and the use of high levels of minerals (copper and zinc, where allowed) and dietary acidifiers as possible alternative nutritional strategies.

Among the feed additives of promise are probiotics, prebiotics, immune stimulators, enzymes and herbs, essential oils and plant extracts.

Combinations of these strategies is the key, Dr Shelton said.

High standards of animal management are necessary to minimise stress so over-stocking, for example, should be avoided.

Feed composition strongly influences the intestinal microflora, explained Dr Shelton, so detailed knowledge of raw material quality and content becomes even more important.

Finally, focusing on dietary protein, he stressed the need to avoid undigested protein fermentation in the colon and a shortage of specific amino acids results, as this can lead to reduced growth, higher blood urea and significantly impaired immunity.

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