French Protesters Set Fire to Spanish Pork

16 March 2015, at 3:26p.m.

SPAIN - The UNIÓ of Llauradors i Ramaders and ASAJA Castilla y León have condemned the attack by a group of French farmers in the Brittany region of France on a truckload of pork originating from Spain.

The UNIÓ of Llauradors i Ramaders called on the European authorities to curb vandalism new attacks suffered once again the Spanish trucks in France, in this case after raiding and burning on 15 March a truck with pork from Burgos in parking Landivisiau, in the French region of Brittany, a statement of this organisation.

According to reports, at least three French farmers entered the truck and after seeing that it transported Spanish pork, set fire to the vehicle.

Farmers in this region of France are protesting in this way due to the collapse of the pork market, largely due to the Russia ban.

The UNIÓ considers that the attack violates the free movement of goods within the scope of the European Union and urges that European authorities require the French Government to act and impose penalties on those responsible.

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