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US Grain Prices Drop - Corn Creeps Back into Feed Rations?

14 July 2014, at 10:42am

ANALYSIS - Matt Roberts, agricultural economist at The Ohio State University, said corn prices could drop another 40 cents to 50 cents going into the fall and with lower grain prices, he questions when livestock producers will start adding corn back into their feed ration, reports Sarah Mikesell.

Roberts said the current corn crop has set the foundation for average yields to bust through the current record - he believes they could go as high as 174-175 bushels per acre.

The previous record corn yield of 164.7 bushels per acre was set in 2009.

Roberts says the 2014 average corn yield has the potential to push a new record higher by a significant margin.

Roberts spoke at the Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies meeting last week in Knoxville, Illinois, USA.

Additional speakers included Dr. David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech University; Roger Bernard, Agriculture and Trade Policy Analyst, Informa Economics; and John Block, former US Secretary of Agriculture, spoke at the evening event prior to the conference.

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