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Vets Praise Smooth Introduction of New Surveillance Plan

1 February 2013, at 1:07pm

SWEDEN – As a reaction to increasing contamination and disease threats through increasing globalisation, the European Union has started a three year ‘Risksur’ project.

Disease supervision and surveillance are the priorities of the Risksurv project which refers to ‘risk-based surveillance’. The main principle in operation is that disease detection rates are higher in places where there is a greater expectation or chance of finding it.

Whether through taking more samples than needed or failing to reassess expensive monitoring arrangements after threats alter resources are wasted, said Ann Linberg, the National Veterinary Institute of Sweden (NVI).

Overseeing a sub-project of Risksur has given Mrs Lindberg insight into the project. She has expressed confidence that tools Risksur will develop are going to make worldwide disease surveillance comparison and evaluation easier.

Mrs Linberg added that Current NVI disease surveillance protocol delegated from the Board of Agriculture sits well with the new scheme meaning that there will be a smooth transition allowing direct implementation of changes.

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