Japan Recognises Santa Catarina as Free of FMD

29 August 2012, at 2:35pm

BRAZIL - The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Mendes Ribeiro Filho, has announced that Japan has recognised the pork produced in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina as free of Foot and Mouth Disease.

According to the Commission of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, Santa Catarina has a good quality to keep the state free of the disease.

The next step, according to the minister, will be to negotiate terms for the export of the products. "We now begin the process of negotiating the requirements and International Health Certificate (CSI) which will support the export of pork from Santa Catarina to Japan," he said.

The CSI monitor shipments, ensuring that animal health requirements of pork meet all the demands made by the Japanese authorities during the approval process.

Today, Wednesday, 29 August, the Secretaries of Agriculture Defense Map, Enio Marques, and International Relations, Celio Porto, will be in Tokyo to present a first draft.

Once this negotiation is completed, the Japanese authorities should approve a list of slaughterhouses that meet the requirements.