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New Challenges for Spanish Feed Sector

by 5m Editor
13 March 2012, at 9:54am

SPAIN - Due to an extremely dry winter, the Spanish fodder industry is expected to face a few challenges, including lower availability of water for irrigation.

Spain represents over 50 per cent of the total dried fodder production in the EU. Since 1986, the year in which Spain joined the European Union, the country's fodder production has generally been following an upward trend.

According to the USDA's report, Spanish Dried Fodder Sector Faces New Challenges, alfalfa continues to be the number 1 fodder crop. It represents over 80 per cent of total fodder acreage.

During 2012-13, a marginal decline in the total area planted to fodder crops is expected. New regulations entering into force, such as the total decoupling of fodder payments might play a role in farmer’s decisions.

Starting from 1 April 2012, the aid for dehydrated fodder scheme will be fully incorporated into the farmer’s Single Payment Scheme (SPS) and processors will no longer receive the aid. The amount of money to be paid to farmers via SPS will be based on their historical deliveries. The reference period considered includes years 2007 and 2008.

Further Reading

- You can view the full report by clicking here.
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