ASF Reported in Central African Republic

by 5m Editor
23 March 2012, at 7:24am

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Dr Emmanuel Namkoisse has reported two outbreaks of African swine fever in Ouham-Pende.

An immediate notification was sent to the World Organisation for Animal Health yesterday, 22 March.

A total of 9194 pigs were found susceptible to the outbreaks, out of which 8218 cases were identified. All 8218 pigs were reported dead. The remaining 976 were destroyed.

The first deaths were reported on 28 February 2012 by farming groups rearing pigs. From 29 February a field epidemiological investigation was carried out and samples were collected.

Other samples will be sent to the Laboratory of Dakar (Senegal).

The disease seems to have been introduced through two imported pigs already sick coming from a Chadian village bordering Betoko.

Several control measures have been applied to contain the situation.