Swine Vesicular Disease Reported in Italy

by 5m Editor
8 February 2012, at 11:13pm

ITALY - Five outbreaks of swine vesicular disease have been confirmed so far in Campobasso Province (Molise region). The source of infection has been traced in one holding, which moved animals to the other four.

SVD-free status of Campobasso province has been withdrawn, reports All animals have been slaughtered. No further movements (except to slaughterhouses) occurred from the four receiving holdings (fattening farms).

All lots moved from the fattening farm where the infection originated have been traced and further testings are ongoing. The involved holdings are located in the provincesof Campobasso and Isernia (Molise), Chieti (Abruzzo), Foggia (Puglia) and Benevento (Campania).

A possible hypothesis for the introduction of the infection includes the contamination of trucks during animal trade.

Further information will be available when testings are complete.

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