Biosecurity Alert on Open Farm Sunday

28 February 2012, at 9:53am

UK - Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity to meet people and re-acquaint them with the source of their pork, bacon, ham and sausages and explain the values and standards behind the RT pork logo they see in supermarkets. But for some producers, there could be potential problems with biosecurity and protecting herd health which makes opening their doors to the public less easy.

BPEX is one of this year’s sponsors of the event, on Sunday, June 17, and there is a solution for those who would like to participate but do have difficulties.

Even in a very pig dense area, there will be nearby farms without pigs allowing producers to load up a few and take them to the neighbouring farm where they can add even more interest for the public and get their point across at the same time.

With the introduction of eAML2, a movement licence can be sorted out online, making it a simple thing to do. Anybody looking to open their farm can be assured of support from BPEX, one of the sponsors of this year’s Open Farm Sunday, on Sunday 17 June and we have a wide range of materials available to help everybody get the most out of it.

BPEX Head of Communications Andrew Knowles said: “This buddy system is a simple solution to a potential problem and means many more pig producers will be able to take part.“

Yorkshire producer Kate Morgan farms 1700 sows and has almost 30 farmers rearing fatteners.

She said: “Biosecurity can be a big stumbling block for a pig producer wanting to take part in Open Farm Sunday.

“I have always wanted to be part of it but that has been holding me back. The idea of a buddy system will really get round all those problems and allow us to participate.

“It has certainly give me hope that we can play a role in the event this year because I believe it is very important to get members of the public on to farms.“