NPA Biosecurity Flyer for Pig Producers

by 5m Editor
30 December 2011, at 7:59am

UK - The A4 flyer above has been produced by NPA as part of its campaign to ensure hobby pig-keepers are registered.

Marcus Bates at the British Pig Association will be sending them to new pig-keepers in January.

It is likely any pig-keeper who has contact with the British Pig Association has already been well briefed by the association on his or her biosecurity responsibilities.

Nevertheless this is a useful start to the campaign and will reinforce BPA's own advice to pig-keepers.

NPA may produce the above poster in A3 form for BOCM Pauls to distribute to countryside stores and other outlets where hobby-keepers are likely to buy feed.

NPA also plans to place adverts in relevent smallholder-type magazines, at the same time as submitting a press release on pig-keepers' responsibilities.