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Iowa Select Launches MetaFarms' i-Production

by 5m Editor
10 November 2011, at 9:55am

US - MetaFarms Inc., a leading provider of information systems to livestock producers, announces the launch of an i-Production service contract with Iowa Select Farms, Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Iowa Select Farms has implemented the Sow Manager and Finish Manager applications. MetaFarms' i-Production platform provides pork production companies with an integrated set of applications for all phases of production, as well as, import and export data services between a company, their customers and suppliers.

"The transition to i-Production's integrated platform has given us the ability to perform quick, secure rollup and summary reporting across our system," said Allen Whiley, Director of Finishing, Iowa Select Farms. "Integration and interfacing with our internal feed, movement and accounting systems have helped us realize tremendous cost savings."

"i-Production's user friendly reports and web-based platform have given us the ease and power to make instant, more informed decisions," said PJ Corns, Director of Sow Production, Iowa Select Farms.

MetaFarms' i-Production Finish Manager focuses on the nursery and finishing production system. It allows the producer to record and manage detailed data such as inventory, pig movements, daily mortalities, treatments, feed deliveries, revenue and expenses. Sow Manager provides complete inventory reconciliation and integrated movements across the system.

"i-Production's integrated platform gives Iowa Select the ability to manage every phase of production," said Chad Becker, MetaFarms President. "The ability to electronically import data, such as feed invoices, will save Iowa Select Farms time and provide more accurate data.

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