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Farmers Use Pigs to Cultivate Paddocks

by 5m Editor
13 October 2011, at 8:52am

AUSTRALIA - Pigs are being used instead of tractors to cultivate paddocks at a farm at Mulloon in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

According to ABC, they'll also be used to clear forested areas on the farm and stimulate growth, as part of a study conducted by the Australian National University.

Cam Wilson is running the trial, and says pigs are a great alternative to traditional cultivation.

"The snout of a pig is a really efficient plough, you put them into an area for three to five days, and there's not a bit of grass left," Mr Wilson said.

"They eat the roots of it, get a little bit of extra feed out of that.

"They're great at clearing those perennial grasses away."

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