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Long-Term Salmonella Concerns at Raisio

by 5m Editor
11 April 2009, at 7:32am

FINLAND - Raisio Feed, which has been linked with a recent outbreak of salmonella on pig and poultry farms, has been accused of making long-term errors in dealing with Salmonella at its premises.

A Ministry of Agriculture official says that salmonella has been brewing at Raisio Feed company's factories for years, reports YLE.

This year, more than 40 farms have been contaminated by salmonella through Raisio Feed products.

Ministry department head, Matti Aho, told the newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus that Raisio Feed committed clear mistakes in handling the bacteria.

"They tried to clean up places where salmonella was detected, but they didn't take the risks seriously," Mr Aho told the paper.

He added that the Food Safety Authority, Evira, knew about the bacteria but stopped short of accusing the agency of negligence. "Though it's a fair question as to why operations were allowed to continue," said Mr Aho.

Raisio Feed says that until the recent outbreak, they have received no censure from officials regarding salmonella.

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