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Enhanced Fertility in Boars with Selenium

by 5m Editor
13 February 2009, at 8:39am

US - Boars fed a supplement of organic selenium were more fertile than those fed inorganic selenium or no supplement, according to researchers working for Virginia Cooperative Extension.

The specific objectives of the research reported by Dr Mark Estienne of Tidewater AREC and co-authors were to evaluate sperm fertilizing capability for boars fed selenium from either organic or inorganic sources and to determine if enhanced motility characteristics and fertility exhibited by spermatozoa collected from boars fed selenomethionine (Sel-Plex) are maintained during long-term liquid storage in commercially available extenders.

The researchers concluded that supplementation of boar diets with selenomethionine resulted in enhanced motility characteristics of spermatozoa and fertilizing capability during liquid storage at 18°C compared with boars fed sodium selenite or boars not receiving selenium supplementation.

They added, "These results have tremendous implications for AI breeding programmes within the swine industry. The mechanisms responsible for the effects demonstrated in this report remain to be determined."


Estienne M.J., A.F. Harper, J.W. Knight and S. M. Speight. Enhanced Fertility in Boars Fed Diets Supplemented with Sel-Plex® Selenium. Virginia Cooperative Extension, Livestock Update, February 2009.

Further Reading

- You can view the full report by clicking here.
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