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Zoetis provides products and services to improve the health and sustain the wellness of pigs. Our veterinary experts and researchers work closely with pork producers and veterinarians to help them make informed decisions that contribute to wellness in pigs and the production of safe, high-quality pork.


A closer look at the pigs Zoetis cares for
Zoetis discusses the common disease challenges farmers have to face and the support they give their customers.
Roundtable: Industry structure, culture, wild boars team up to intensify ASF threat in China
The discovery of African swine fever (ASF) in China’s wild boar population in late 2018 adds a new dimension to the already ominous disease threat .
Knock, knock: Swine veterinarian shares experiences from VFD audit
When Peter Schneider, DVM, heard FDA auditors were at the door to see the operation’s veterinary feed directives (VFDs), he remembers feeling a little nervous.
PED — live with it or eliminate it?
The porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) virus that devastated the US swine industry several years ago continues to persist, causing fewer pig deaths but curtailing pig growth.


Enriching sow environment and diet improves sow welfare and early piglet survival
New research shows environmental stress during gestation can influence piglet health and mortality after birth.
Great leadership delivers great results by Zoetis CEO, Juan Ramón Alaix
The qualities and attributes of leaders who deliver great business results.
Don't let swine influenza be complicated
The influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S) is always evolving, and there aren’t always clinical signs.


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