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A special thank you goes to the following swine nutritionists for their help in providing data and research from numerous trials along with review of this nutrition guide:

Antonio Palomo
Casey Neil
Dean Boyd
Fernando Bártoli
James Usry
José Cuarón
Laura Greiner
Malachy Young
Melissa Hannas
Mick Hazzledine
Mike Tokach
Steve Dritz

Additionally, thank you to Carine Vier for the technical writing review of this manual.


Performance data shown in the nutrient specification tables were obtained in commercial settings and under conditions of thermo-neutral temperature and good management. They are not guaranteed levels of performance. A competent nutritionist should adapt suggested nutrient levels to farm-specific conditions. These concepts are discussed in greater detail in nutrition technical updates for sows, nursery pigs and finishing pigs.

Swine Management Resources - PIC