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GESKYPUR® Inactivated, adjuvanted, viral sub-unit gE-negative vaccine against Aujeszky’s disease.

Each 2-ml dose of vaccine contains: Aujeszky's disease viral sub-units: 10 µg ± 10% Oily excipient, qs: 2 ml

Benefits and Usage:

Prevention of Aujeszky's disease in breeder pigs and fattening pigs.

Geskypur® is an inactivated, oil-adjuvanted, purified and concentrated vaccine containing only the immunogenic sub-units of the Aujeszky’s disease virus.


Packaging vary according to the countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Contact your local Merial Representative for more information. Different countries may have different product presentations depending upon local regulatory requirements.

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Product Data Sheet:

Click here for the Geskypur Product Data Sheet (pdf)

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