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Merial Animal Health

The IVOMEC® for Swine HM/LE Program.

The Benefits

  • Guarantees farm-wide eradication of mange and lice for increased productivity.*

  • Uses IVOMEC for Swine Brand Products for controlling both internal and external parasites.

  • Has three protocols, giving producers greater flexibility.

  • Does not expose humans to potentially harmful sprays.

  • Developed in cooperation with leading veterinarians, entomologists, and producers.8

  • 99% of all farms using HM/LE Protocols remain mange free.9

Click on the appropriate link to learn more about the specific steps required in each HM/LE protocol:

Protocol 1      Protocol 2      Protocol 3

The IVOMEC for Swine HM/LE Program now offers three protocols to eliminate mange and lice, using the various IVOMEC formulations. Having the flexibility to choose IVOMEC 1% Injection for Swine, IVOMEC 0.27% Injection for Grower and Feeder Pigs, or IVOMEC Premix for Swine makes the program easier than ever to implement on any swine operation.

Proven results. No compromises.


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