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Hermitage AI

Hermitage AI

Hermitage AI
Hermitage have developed a World renowned operating and quality control procedure controlling all areas of AI boar management and nutrition, semen collection, analysis (morphology, motility, concentration and ultrastructural analysis), semen packaging and labelling, cooling, storage, dispatch and transport.

Every ejaculate is evaluated by experienced personnel and temperature control is carefully monitored during all stages of semen processing ensuring the highest product quality at dispatch. Hermitage use a 6 day semen extender for all fresh semen, optimising the storage conditions of the sperm cells at 17°C prior to insemination.

Hermitage have also developed a unique frozen semen protocol, and frozen semen is shipped to customers where the logistics of fresh semen delivery are challenging. In addition, frozen semen is used to preserve our genetic family lines for use in diverse breeding programmes worldwide.

Quality Control

Hermitage also operate our AI stations to the ISO9001 Quality Standard which is a world recognised Quality Management System and an integral component of Hermitage Seaborough's operations worldwide. Compliance with the ISO scheme demonstrates the companies' commitment towards the production of high quality products and services and thereby optimising customer satisfaction and production efficiency.

The entire system is independently audited on an annual basis and has been approved with the ISO9000/9001 Quality standard since registration in 1997. Hermitage is now the first to be audited to the new ISO9001:2008 standard.

New State of the Art AI Station

Hermitage's new 240 boar EU licensed A.I. Station was officially opened by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr. Brendan Smith, on Friday 29th January. The launch event was attended by key representatives from Irelands agricultural and food sector, officials from the Department of Agriculture and the Hermitage team.

The new stud has many innovative features, such as the ventilation system. Air coming into the animal accommodation must first pass through viral filters and then pass over six meter long water tubes which can be heated or cooled to control the temperature in the building. Semen collection is automatic enabling three staff to collect a total of 40 boars per hour.

The semen processing laboratory, packaging and storage areas are all designed to optimize the cooling curve of the semen to 170C.

Hermitage AI

Entrance to the new Hermitage 240 boar EU licensed A.I. Station

Hermitage AI

Offices at the new Hermitage 240 boar EU licensed A.I. Station

Important Notes and Links

• Semen available from Top Performing Hermitage Terminal Line boars to support your farm specific breeding programmes.

• Fresh and Frozen semen supplied from Hermitage High Health, ISO9001 Approved AI centres.

For more information please Click here to download the Hermitage Genetics Brochure