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Classic 1

Classic 1

  • Maternal Line LR crossed with Maternal Line LW
  • Hyperprolific.
  • Superb Temperament and
    Mothering Ability
  • Excellent Growth and Appetite
  • Strong Legs and Bone
  • Proven Longevity
  • Halothane Negative
  • Excellent Carcass Results of Progeny

The 'Classic 1' is a high performing F1 hybrid, derived from Hermitage's renowned 'hyperprolific' maternal lines. Combining GP Landrace and GP Large White, the Classic 1 demonstrates maximum hybrid vigour and is ideal for indoor production systems, optimising maternal productivity and commercial returns.

Classic 1 Table 1

Feeding of Classic 1

feeding classic table

Serving Classic 1

Requirements Pre-service

  • Gilts should be 150kgs, 8 months old and have been fed a high energy diet (14 MJ DE) 3 weeks before service.
  • Sows should be fed a high energy diet (14 MJ DE) ad lib after weaning until service.
  • Good lighting (400 lux) for 14hrs / day.
  • After weaning 30 min daily boar contact until 24hr prior to expected service time. No boar contact within 24 hrs prior to expected service time.

Service Conditions

  • Serve at least 1 hour after feeding.
  • Leave semen doses in storage box until just prior to insemination.
  • Inseminator must be calm.
  • Position boar directly in front of sow for insemination.
  • Insemination must be done within 20 minutes of initial boar contact.
  • Change boar for maximum stimulation at 2nd service.
  • Semen should be stored at 17°C and agitated daily.

Terminal Sires for Classic 1 Classic 1

The following Terminal Sires are suitable to mate with Classic 1 gilts to produce a uniform and high performing Slaughter Generation according to market requirements:

  • Classic 1 x Hylean LW
  • Classic 1 x Hylean Pietrain
  • Classic 1 x Hylean Pietrain 50
  • Classic 1 x Hylean MQ
  • Classic 1 x Hylean MQM
  • Classic 1 x Hylean Duroc




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