Hygro Pietrain™

Hygro Pietrain

Hygro Pietrain
Key Features
  • Excellent Kill Out %.
  • High Lean Meat %.
  • Excellent Conformation.
  • Proven High Growth Rates.
  • Superior Piglet Viability.
  • Excellent Carcass Primal Yields.
  • Halothane Negative.
  • Maximises Progeny Hybrid Vigour.
  • High Health Status.
The Hermitage Pietrain line represents a unique terminal sire which combines the excellent carcass traits of the pietrain breed with high production performance parameters such as growth rate, A.D.G, and F.C.E. All Hermitage Pietrain sires are selected for loin length and are part of the 'Hylean 55-60' category, thereby ensuring maximum yield of the economically important cuts in the slaughter generation.

All Hermitage Terminal AI boars are individually performance tested and included in the Hermitage Terminal Sire BLUP analysis, generating a unique Terminal Line Index (T.L.I) for each boar.

The Hermitage Pietrain boar is a suitable terminal sire for different production systems and is ideal for mating with Hermitage Classic™ Hybrid gilts to produce a high performing slaughter generation pig which maximize carcass returns and grading results.

Hermitage Pietrain 55-60™ (Meeting the processor requirements)

The Hylean 55-60 range of Terminal AI boars are specifically selected for a minimum loin muscle depth of 55mm and a minimum loin muscle length of 60cm. Loin depth, area and length are measured using ultra-sound and the Hermitage Loin Meter. The Hermitage 'HYLEAN' breeding programme has focused on reduced back-fat, improved eating-quality and increased muscle yield in the key primal cuts of the carcass (ham, loin, belly and shoulder), thereby maximizing the benefits to the producer, processor and consumer.

Performance of HYGRO Pietrain™
(Test from average of 40kg to 120kg)

Hygro Pietrain

Important Notes and Links

• Semen available from Top Performing Hermitage Terminal Line boars to support your farm specific breeding programmes.

• Fresh and Frozen semen supplied from Hermitage High Health, ISO9001 Approved AI centres.

For more information please Click here to download the Hermitage Genetics Brochure