Hylean Maxgro™

Hylean Maxgro

Hylean Maxgro
The Fastest Growing Terminal Sire on the Market

Key Features
  • Maximum Growth Rate.
  • Excellent Feed Intake.
  • Excellent Feed Conversion Efficiency.
  • Maximum ADG.
  • High Kill Out % & Carcass Yields.
  • Maximum Hybrid Vigour & Disease Resistance.
  • Superior Piglet Viability.
  • Excellent Meat Quality.
  • High Health Status.
The MAXGRO™ Terminal Line is specifically designed to maximize growth, ADG and Feed Conversion in the progeny. Consistently producing the top performing slaughter pigs when compared with other terminal lines in independent tests. The progeny of the MAXGRO™ are renowned for their vigour and viability. The MAXGRO™ is ideal for the production of heavy weight slaughter pigs, with unrivalled growth and carcass yields.

Hermitage now has one of the largest high health terminal boar nuclei with over 1,200 GGP sows producing the MAXGRO™ boars for Hermitage AI Stations worldwide. Using Embryo Transfer technology, Hermitage can now introduce the highest indexing MAXGRO™ Terminal lines directly into customers herds worldwide.

Using the Hermitage Mate Select Programme, the target is to improve growth rates in the MAXGRO™ line by a further 5 days over the next year.

FCE of all tested (30 - 110 kgs)
MAXGRO™ Boars = 2.27

Average growth rates of all Hermitage terminal line AI boars standing at stud

Year      Days to 100kg

2005     139
2006     138
2007     133
2008     128
2009     127
2010     125

• 10% Increased Growth Rate
• 10% Increased Throughput
• 10% Increased kgs Pig Meat Sold

Hylean Maxgro

Important Notes and Links

• Semen available from Top Performing Hermitage Terminal Line boars to support your farm specific breeding programmes.

• Fresh and Frozen semen supplied from Hermitage High Health, ISO9001 Approved AI centres.

For more information please Click here to download the Hermitage Genetics Brochure