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Proven concepts with clear benefits which
offer an interesting return on investment.

For years Fancom has invested in developing innovative solutions and products for the intensive animal husbandry sector. Fancom’s philosophy: “Top conditions through complete control” implies complete control of the animals' growth processes through using innovation concepts for climate control, feed automation and process data. These are the three pillars which support the further operational processes on a modern farm. It is precisely the interconnection of all the processes that enables farmers to take informed decisions.

Our concepts and products are increasingly seen as the trendsetters when it comes to improving profitability and animal welfare. We strive to offer our customers a total concept as the answer to all their requirements for computerization and automated systems. Proven concepts with clear benefits which offer an interesting return on investment.

Precise climate control leads to improved animal performance

The ProFlow ventilation concept automatically ensures accurate levels of ventilation, by taking the age of the animals into account – never too much and never too little. ProFlow automatically creates optimal living conditions in the building. The result is healthy and contented animals, reduced energy consumption and less heating costs. All factors that contribute to improved profitability.

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Practical feeding control leads to reduced feeding costs

The feed installation automatically ensures that all animals are given the right amount of feed at the right moment. The most common liquid feed system is SmartFix The feed composition can easily be modified to suit the animals’ needs for even better performance. This saves time and helps keep the cost price of feed and the production results manageable. The correct feed amount is prepared in the weigher and pumped into the circuit. To safeguard hygiene, no feed is left behind in the circuits after each feeding time.

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Accurate data processing leads to efficient farm management

F-Central Farm Manager™is Fancom’s management program for the PC. Farm Manager provides a 24-hour link with all the control computers used in a farm. The result is a perfect overview of the farm and nothing is left to chance. Farm Manager stores all the data from the process computers and presents it in clear tables and graphs. Farm Manager allows users to create an individual form of technical management, accurately customised to suit their own situation.

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