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Alfaprostol - Solution for injection
Controlling the physiological upheavals of peripartum has become a key success factor in swine production. The use of prostaglandins has become the norm before and after farrowing. The remaining issue was to gain total control over key zootechnical success criteria.

Alfabedyl® contains Alfaprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin analogue which has a pronounced luteolytic effect. The rapid regression of the corpus luteum triggers farrowing.
Alfaprostol 2 mg, Excipient q. s. 1 ml

Sow: Induction of parturition.

Do not administer to pregnant animals, except when parturition or therapeutic abortion is required.

Pregnant women, asthmatics and persons with bronchial and other respiratory problems should avoid contact with the product.

Sow use: 1 ml (equivalent to 2 mg of alfaprostol) per animal, administered on day 111 or 112 of pregnancy. Parturition usually occurs between 18 and 36 hours after injection.

Pigs - Meat: 4 days

Do not store above 25 °C. Keep vial in outer carton in order to protect from light.

Vials of 4 ml, 20 ml, and 50 ml.

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