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Neonatal diarrhea

The diarrhea caused by Cl perfringens type C affects piglets (from one week of age) born to non-immunized sows. The peracute form is characterized by bloody diarrhea, sudden death, and characteristic hemorrhagic-necrotic inflammation of the jejunum.

Cl perfringens type A induces intestinal villous atrophy and superficial mucosal necrosis in piglets of 1-3 weeks of age due to the pathogenic effect of its toxin ?. As a consequence of the bad absorption, it results in clinically yellowish-white, creamy diarrhea.

The CEVA-Phylaxia developed Coglamune®, a vaccine based on ?, ? and ? toxoids from Cl. perfringens which protects against both Cl perfringens type A and C


Vaccine containing antigens in sufficient quantities to obtain neutralising antibodies in the serum or level of protection in control animals for Clostridium perfringens (type A, C, D): alpha, beta and epsilon toxoids. It is adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide gel.

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