With Call-Inn Big Dutchman offers you an economic, high quality electronic sow feeding system (ESF) for pregnant sows in group housing. In addition to the familiar sturdy design, the stainless steel trough and closed side partitions, the system also features a reliable and simple system control by means of BigFarmNet.
Call-Inn: ready for the future with BigFarmNet

Call-Inn has an extremely high functional reliability and stands out due to the pre- cise metering of feed. The new electro- pneumatic metering mechanism is as amazing as it is precise. A small cylinder reaches into the storage hopper. If a sow is entitled to receive feed, the cylinder is lowered up to the limit stop and approx. 60 g of feed (depending on the feed consistency) trickles into the trough. This process is repeated until the sow is no longer entitled to receive feed or until she leaves the station.