Download detailed product information about pig equipment for sow farms: boar pens and stalls, waiting area for group housing of sows with free-access stalls or electronic sow feeding systems, farrowing crates, floor system and piglet nest, as well as information about pig rearing
Penning system, pig feeding systems: pig equipment for sow management

Successful sow management – but how?

To achieve an increase of sow perfor mance to more than 25 weaners per year is not easy but it is possible. By supplying the right housing and feeding systems, Big Dutchman is able to provide you with the technical conditions. In modern sow management, the right housing equipment plays an important role for economic success.

Big Dutchman is able to deliver the right equipment tailor-made to the requirements of every customer. Whether it is a new house or refurbishment of existing houses, working with you, our specialists will develop an optimum concept for success - ful piglet production.