Remote-controlled and freely-movable boar cart for accurate and efficient heat detection and artificial insemination.
Innovative management tools for optimal artificial insemination

Contact-O-Max – the boar cart for accurate heat detection

Contact-O-Max is a freely-movable boar cart that has been specifically designed and developed by expert pig breeders for sow breeding operations using artificial insemination. The sustained contact between sow and boar (snout-to-snout) stimulates the sow and increases her fertility.

The unique heat detection system ensures maximum stimulation during artificial insemination accurately, efficiently and reliably. Especially sows that are slow to cycle can be stimulated in a more sus - tained and focused manner, which also helps to reduce the number of heat returns. This state-of-the-art heat detection tech - nology leads to fertility rates of up to 95 % and is also recommended by vets world - wide.

Contact-O-Max is an extremely costeffective piece of equipment as only one person is needed for steering and artificial insemination by means of remote control which saves valuable working time.

An additional boar-restraining door is not necessary.