Feed storage and transport systems. Choose from a wide range of feed bins made of galvanized sheet steel, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Trevira fabric. Feed can be transported by augers or spirals without any disadvantages, but depending on the conveying capacity and the pitches.
Pig equipment: automatic feeders for pig rearing and finishing

Liquid feeding systems for weaners, sows and finishers.

Amongst experts, for a long time liquid feeding systems have been regarded as one of the most advanced feeding systems in modern times. Extended by the connection of a special control computer, this system setup is a reliable and successful form of modern pig-keeping.

Big Dutchman is one of the most experienced specialists in the design of customized, tailor-made systems since we at Big Dutchman also tackle difficult problems in particular and grapple with the technical challenge.

To be able to carry out the correct system planning in each case, our professionally qualified sales engineers take a detailed look at the requirements of our customers and obtain information on local conditions and supposed problems. Internally developed and pro grammed software enables us to elaborate and realize the correct system solution right down to the last detail.