With the spiral filter press, OptiPress I, and the screw press, OptiPress II, we offer our customers two innovative systems with which to perform solid-liquid separation of slurry and digestate derived from biogas plants. Application of the presses depends on the dry mass content and homogeneity of the raw material.
A simple separation of slurry and digestate

OptiPress is a newly designed Big Dutchman system for the separation of slurry, biogas digestate (digestate = digested material) and other materials to be separated – as for example water resulting from cleaning cattle trucks.

In cattle and pig management, slurry is a by-product which has to be stored in large storage tanks until spread on the fields. In regions of high animal density, the quantities that may be spread are often limited, because the nutrient requirements of the soil are already satisfied (eg. phosphorus). Moreover, the slurry constantly has to be kept stirred during storage, so that sediment layers cannot build up.