A Modern and economic pig feeding systems for the future. Be it the small or the large version, the name Hydromix does not only stand for reliable liquid feeding for all animals, but also for a high-quality system and maximum hygiene. More than 7000 farmers world-wide fully rely on Hydromix
HydroMix – the reliable liquid feeding system for your pigs.

Big Dutchman meets these requirements in an ideal way by offering HYDROMIX, a modern and, above all, economic feeding system. The brand name ”HYDROMIX“ incorporates several different systems.
  • HYDROMIX-Standard
  • HYDROMIX-Compact
  • HYDROMIX-residue-free feeding with pipe rinsing
  • HYDROMIX multi-phase feeding
  • HYDROMIX-Synchron
  • HYDROMIX-Sensor