Big Dutchman

Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire industry. Across five continents and in more than 100 countries our name stands for long-lasting quality, rapid service and unsurpassed know-how. Our innovations have had considerable impact on livestock management and will continue to do so.

Big Dutchman has planned and carried out feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry management already since 1938. We offer you practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions all geared to future needs.

The fully automatic feeding system for suckling pigs 'CulinaFlexpro' is very popular
Big Dutchman offer a fully automated option for fostering underweight piglets
Innovative slat anchor can be positioned without special tools
Whoever wants to fasten pig equipment to the floor knows: slat anchors are the right choice.
BigFarmNet statistics tool for sow managers: monitoring the entire production cycle
Thanks to digitalisation: at EuroTier 2018, Big Dutchman presents the first statistics tool for sow managers.
Robust and extremely versatile: the Vario 8L volume dispenser can dose from 100 g to 5 kg
The new Big Dutchman volume dispenser Vario 8L is the first feed dispenser for sows that is available in all required configurations and that can, moreover, dispense small portions of as little as 100…
Monitoring the alarms of all farm locations at all times
Digital Animal Farming is this year’s EuroTier special, and farms are indeed becoming ever more complex and connected.
BigFarmNet - Big Dutchman TriSort pro - Big Dutchman CulinaCup & CulinaFlex pro - Big Dutchman




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