Individual pig treatment

This is most commonly used in sucking piglets for scours and other bacterial infections. Fig.4-8 lists medicines available.

When you decide to treat pigs orally (or by injection) ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should the veterinarian be consulted?
  • Have all individual affected pigs been identified ?.
  • Is this condition one that has been reliably diagnosed before or is it a new one?
  • Is it necessary to treat it?
  • Are medicines to treat this condition readily available?
  • Are there any welfare or nursing implications?
  • Should the affected pig(s) be moved to a hospital pen?
  • What methods of administration should be used?
  • What dose should be given? Is the correct information on this available?
  • How often should the medicine to be given and for how long?
  • Are any adverse effects likely?

Then you should:

  • Record when the treatment started and its progression.
  • Assess the response on a day-by-day basis.
  • If there is no response within 24 hours consult your veterinarian.