London Swine Conference 2013 Proceedings

1 September 2013, at 12:00a.m.

Proceedings of the 13th London Swine Conference, which was held on 27 and 28 March 2013 in London, Ontario, Canada. The theme of the meeting was 'Managing for Production'.

Day 1: Sows

Day 1. Workshop sessions

  • Managing Pre-Weaning Mortality - Mark Chambers
  • Managing Pre-Weaning Mortality (PWM): Practical Tools And Protocols to Reduce PWM On-Farm - Dennis Robles
  • Pain Control - Robert Friendship and George Charbonneau
  • Advances in Sow Nutrition- The Use of Mathematical Modelling in Sow Nutrition - Anja V. Hansen and Ermias Kebreab
  • Nutrition of Pregnant Sows - Soenke Moehn and Ronald O. Ball
  • Preparing the Barn: Stockmanship - Dennis Robles
  • Preparing the Barn - Marc Lalonde
  • What Are The Key Performance Indicators of the Future? - Ron Ketchem
  • Pioneering New Performance Indicators - Egidijus Mickevicius
  • Repeatability of Litter Size in the Sow Population - Jennifer Patterson and John Harding
  • Maximising Weaning Capacity of Sow and Crate - Bill Geisel

Day 2: Wean to Finish

Day 2: Workshop sessions

  • Hog Crush Margins - John Bancroft and Mike Tregunna
  • New Tools for Precision Feeding: NRC (2012) - C.F.M. de Lange
  • Animal Variation and the Derivation of Optimal Shipping Srategies for Finishing Pigs - Neil S. Ferguson
  • New Tools For Precision Feeding - Bruno Marty
  • New Applications in Nursery Nutrition and Management: Giving Piglets the Best
  • Possible Start with Practical Management Tips and Nutrition Concepts - Ian Wellock, Paul Toplis, Kayleigh Almond and Pete Wilcock
  • Nursery Management in Light of Frugal Earnings in Swine Industry - Radu Zorzolan
  • Management Practices That Maximise Feed Efficiency - John F. Patience
  • Feeding and Barn Management to Improve Feed Conversion - Matt Ische
  • In-Feed Antibiotics–Some of the Issues - Peter Davies
  • The Use of In-Feed Antibiotics in Quebec Pigs - Robert Desrosiers
  • Impact of Influenza A in Pork Production - Greg Wideman
  • Trends and Patterns of Influenza Virus Circulation in Ontario Swine Herds - Zvonimir Poljak

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